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The notes that I consider my personal milestones – for the memories that they hold or what they talk about, or that they could simply be intensely personal yet full of insights for the world around me!

Countries, Capitals and the Bucket-List!

My very first post on this blog featured my Bucket List which was finalised at 23, but actually what I had vaguely conceptualised when I turned 21! (Hence the title!)  This bucket-list is special as I gave it much thought … Continue reading

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Of Truth, Lies and the Written Word!

Dear Friends, Readers and fellow-bloggers, Some of you may notice that this is me, writing after a long… long time. In fact it has been nearly a year since I posted something up on this blog, and let me assure … Continue reading

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Turning 25 …some stray thoughts ….

It has been a while since I penned something down. Life has been ‘in transition’ for quite a few months now. I am on the threshold of a new life – a new job in a new city (or so … Continue reading

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DMDC – when “Delhi Made Distances Comfortable!” {Delhi Diaries – Part II}

I am in Singapore now. Sounds ironic eh? To blog about a city that is so unlike the city I now find myself in! But what is strange is that something about Singapore today constantly reminded me of Delhi, so much … Continue reading

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Looking back to My Bucket List! (Scuba-fied!)

I was twelve years old when I first snorkelled, while on holiday at Mombasa, Kenya – and witnessed three people on our dhow gear up, jump in and disappear into the depths of the ocean for well over an hour. … Continue reading

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