About Chiteisri

Its a Fair Warning to all =) While there may be some things about me that everyone knows … There will always be something about me which nobody can or ever will, figure out!

But for a typical introduction – I am a Law student from India, who is a writer and traveler at heart. I am 24 and have been to 23 countries (and counting) and this blog is a humble attempt at taking a part of my life, experiences, holidays, learnings and dreams to another world of imagination in cyber-space.

I know that the world has its fair share of problems, and there is plenty to despair about out there. But I truly believe  that this  world can be diverse, plural and inclusive and yet one entity – humanity.

I am the Dreamer, a lost soul – slowly finding her way back home i.e. to herself!

I write. I read. I paint.I dream. I learn. I listen. I empathize. I travel, and no matter who or what I become – these I shall always do!

For  more : https://chiteisri.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/defining-a-me-at-23/

9 Responses to About Chiteisri

  1. futuredoll says:

    Thanks-we can’t either!!

  2. elmer says:

    I got lost in your header.

  3. kalyani says:

    Hi Chitu. I like the way you write – its emotional and tender and therefore appealing. Kalyani

  4. Anisa says:

    Hi there! It’s Anisa here – I’m from the BBC and am keen to speak to you… pls get in touch on anisa.kadri@bbc.co.uk or 07837811615. Thanks!

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