The source of my civilization…

Well I have blogged about Gaumukh before  – twice already, but it is  that experience which can be written, told or shared at least a thousand times.

The blog entry is here:

and a picture gallery is here :

But what might be missing there is the fact that I did not mention that possibly everyone who knows me well enough knows that I can be superbly lazy, unfit and uncoordinated on most days.

But there are rare occasions where my mind is alert, body is lithe and prepared for harshest terrain and unprecedented determination comes into me to do what I came for…

Gaumukh was when and where all that began – there is magic in those mountains and piety in that river …. felt by the millions who pay homage to the Mother Goddess, Ganga .

Gaumukh in 2009 was of me being the hungry and eager pilgrim … a visitor to Uttarakhand since I was eight;  there were patched memories of how I recollect the river and that the previous year the same group I was a part of had to de-tour due a landslide blocking the State highway.

But mostly, Gaumukh was where I learned that if I only had the will; there will ALWAYS  be a way! Isn’t all of Life’s lessons largely about that??

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