Reflections: Prologue My Top 5 Holidays ever ….

Twenty minutes to midnight, a lone girl sitting up on the terrace of the YIF Hostel typing furiously into a laptop. Above, there are no stars, a few clouds and plenty of  aeroplanes – they land every 60 seconds! It is a balmy evening at Katwaria Sarai (New Delhi). There is even a light breeze, a relief to the otherwise hot and dusty environs that is Delhi in the month of April. Mosquitoes. Fatigue. But a new spark in my eyes … with this thought … This will be my 50th blog post ! A time to celebrate!

I have had a rough couple of days. There is a month left for my Fellowship and I am still clueless as to where I shall be headed post May 19th – the big day of the convocation of the 1st batch of the Young India Fellowship. What to do till then! – Just yearn.

Has there ever been that time, when you you believe you are in a rut? Each day is heavy with anticipation and restlessness at the same time … this is it for me. And at times like these, what do I reminiscence of  ….. my quintessential holidays !!!


Me against the Sun! Photo taken by Arpan Majumder at Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock Island

Hell – I need a vacation again … the nomad in me has been imprisoned for a long time.

So my  next 5 musings  shall be recollections/experiences of  the best times I have had  …my fondest memories where there was maximum learning, fun and plenty of explorations too !

To list the places –  in no particular order…

Bali – a beautiful island blessed by the Gods!

Jordan – Of Good-looking people , Petra and a rich cross-cultural history…

The City of Rome and the Vatican City – A Treasure Chest.

Gaumukh – The walk of a lifetime to my Mother Ganga, what is left of her piety …

Kenya – Having learned what a ‘Safari’ really means …

And I now drift into my parallel universe …


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