When you don’t want to be the recipient of Shit anymore ….just know this …

….. quite simply, don’t take no s*** from anybody!!!!

Recently, I enjoyed the speech by Shah Rukh  Khan at Yale University.  In the King Khan’s typical Grade ‘A’ charm – he came, he saw and he conquered. Believe me, I am not one of his ardent die-hard fans, but I have recently begun to admire the star’s euphemisms, beliefs, quirks and his natural ability to engage an audience of different ages, races, colours and language with an effortless smile and sharp wit.

So when he said there were some important takeaways from his lecture there were few things I really did appreciate :

1. Be a funambulist – I say … hmmm …well I guess I am.

2. Love your punching bags … well I crazily do – I Love my Mother and Grandmother more than anyone else in this whole wide world.

3. That all pervasive – fear of failure and the only phenomenon one can learn more over and over again …Don’t be afraid to be afraid!

But how he ended it was simply the best …and today as I felt like I was hit with an anvil in my head, heart, body and soul  by an “obnoxious boy” ( a long story for another day and another post) it is deemed most appropriate ….

I quote :: “In the end I will read out a text message I got today from my kid: “Papa, Chuck Norris has trained his dog to pick up its own poop because Chuck Norris will not take s**t from anyone.” So remember, you are fortunate enough to be a funambulist who has an amazing set of punching bags. Cherish them and failure is your fiendish friend. Keep him close and don’t take no s**t from anybody!” 

Thank you SRK!

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1 Response to When you don’t want to be the recipient of Shit anymore ….just know this …

  1. ptap90 says:

    I still aint a fan of Srk.. But of chuck Norris’ , maybe… For a good lesson learned.

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