Simply Majestic! Simply Mehrangarh …..

Words often do not do justice a to a few creations that have stood the test of time. And if that creation is an immense structure atop hill that is a symbol of Rajput splendour then it is probably best to just stand quietly, listen to your heart beat and let the walls and arches of the Fort speak to you!

A popular yet- preserved Fort at the heart of Rajasthan is one of them. Mehrangarh – translates to ‘Majestic’ or ‘House of the sun’ depending on which dialectic is the used to trace its etymology.

Whilst preparing for a rich speech as a tribute to this Fort, I later decided I should probably let the pictures do the talking. Any great guide book can give a  holistic answer to questions of Who built it, Why, Where, How … not to mention a number of fascinating stories and myths associated with this humongous structure anyone in Jodhpur would recommend a visit.

But what struck me at Mehrangarh was the dominance of two colours – a deep ochre and a vibrant blue, with a few other hues of green, red and yellow in all the artefacts and murals inside the Museum. It takes a full day to actually ‘feel’ the power and majesty this fort imbibes.

But here is a sneak peek on getting there, a breath-taking view and returning from the Fort in the beautiful city of Jodhpur.

To quote Goethe here – “I call architecture frozen music.” 

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