An Everyday Miracle

My Art Appreciation assignment (The other painting and Essay on “At Opening Ceremony” have been posted previously – this is the last of Art Appreciation-I at the YIF)


I have always loved to draw or paint a sunrise or a sunset since I was a child but was unknowing of why I liked doing so. But I did know that it always made me happy – and I would end up colouring furiously with a huge smile on my face. Filling up a canvas with a riot of colours, and drawing something that indicates a new day or a fresh hope is to reconcile with the fact that Life is full of little miracles. And, more so that they happen. Every single day.

‘Miracle’ as defined in the Oxford dictionary is an- “extraordinary supposedly supernatural, event; remarkable happening.” That would make a title like an ‘everyday miracle’ an oxymoron. But I contend that are many remarkable happenings every day. It is just we do not have the time to appreciate them anymore.

Most of the them are routine – a sunrise, flowers that bloom, a butterfly flittering by, birds chirping in the morning,  seasons that change – but they are not mundane – sometimes they renew a sense of wonder in the eyes of the most cynical or wounded, and that is nothing short of miraculous once seen or felt. 

As I have never been a morning person, I have witnessed more sunsets than sunrises. Water, that precious giver of life, is my element, so typically I always imagine the sun setting into a vast body of water. The sun paints the sky into a myriad of colours – a deep orange, mauve, reds and yellows – and gives a funny greenish tinge to the ocean as well.

I imagine myself standing on a deserted island, watching the scene before me until it seems as if the ocean has swallowed the last bit of the sun, and then until all the colours of the sky have turned into a rich shade of grey.

In a busy city, where I seem to have lost a sense of time and space, in a world full of tension, lies and illness – I yearn to be standing on a beach and solitude and just take in a powerful sunrise or sunset. The moment of calm to see the sheer beauty of all the colours in this world would be nothing short of a miracle for the loner and dreamer that I am.

And someday, I wish I could stay somewhere where I get to witness such a miracle every day.

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