“Teman” – Sickle-Butterfly fish (pictorial recollections after snorkeling in Bali!)


"My friend Teman"

My first solo-trip abroad (outside of India) was at age 21 to the beautiful island of Bali!

One morning, after spending a lovely morning lazing in the sun… I took a snorkeling trip in Padangbai – and our fella here was my first visitor from the sea! I kept bumping into him as I snorkeled around for the couple of hours and so decided to keep him in my memories for ever. This is probably not an accurate drawing of the fish, but what I could recollect after coming to shore! Could someone suggest a name, for my friend here? ¬†Wikipedia tells me that (s)he is a Sickle-Butterfly fish, but I would much rather name him/her ‘Teman’ (meaning ‘Friend’ in Bahasa)

Medium: Mixed (Watercolor pencils and Pencil Colors on paper)

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