21 Things to do before I die.

This is my first post on my very own Blog!!!

Here is my Bucket-list.(First published on October 30, 2011 on my Facebook profile)

A speech for the defense – this is the random and very quirky me, to explore my right-brain, my paradoxes and a bucket-load of dreams. And I will do all these, somehow – in this life or the next!

"Chits' Bucket List!"

"All our Dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney


In no particular order:

  1. Skydive
  2. Bungee jump
  3. Go on a Cruise (pref. the Caribbean)
  4. Visit the Iguassu Falls
  5. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  6. Contribute to a Travel Guide (at least once-in-a-lifetime)
  7. Learn Arabic and Spanish …diligently
  8. Get published (Fiction that is a bestseller)
  9. Learn to play an instrument
  10. Own and drive a Volkswagen Beetle regularly and properly (judiciously as well)
  11. Cook your own meals for a full day
  12. Hold an exhibition of all my artwork
  13. Get citizenship of at least one more country – world citizen, remember?
  14. Offer tours at a World Heritage site – natural or archaeological for a day
  15. Volunteer for the Galapagos
  16. Make a compilation of your favourite photographs from all the travels (age 1 to present)
  17. Learn the names of every country capital in the world
  18. Paint a mural in my own, eco-friendly home
  19. Design my own clothes for a year
  20. Do a double Ph.d
  21. Neytiri!
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3 Responses to 21 Things to do before I die.

  1. Fellow Cancerian ;) says:

    Dear Neytiri,

    Well, my bucket list looks similar but being fellow cancerian I realise I have a lot more to add as most things have already become part of reality in last one year since you joined YIF and rest as I could see are imminent reality 🙂

    1. Travel across and visually document all Indian states inside-out before I turn 25 years old- only two missing links are Manipur and Chattisgarh and make this information available to all travel enthusiasts looking for geniune places and accurate information for free of cost on internet.

    2. Set up my own adventure sports travel company with unmatched service quality and safety standards with pan India presence- with three divisions multiple day local treks, extended trips in varius states covering all places worth visit in a single tour and hard core multisport adventure holidays at the best possible locations in India. Operations have started and legal work will get done by the end of next month.

    3. In order to achieve above target I personally have travelled and climbed most of the highest peaks in every mountain range in India, have traveresed through most enchanting dense forests and have done most adventure sports including white water rafting, rock climbing and bouldering, valley crossing, paragliding and river crossing etc.

    4. My first official suicide attempt failed miserably when I managed to jump off the cliff from 8500 feet and landed smoothly at 3200 feet in a paddy field almost after one hour and thirty minutes in the air. I have unforgettable memories of how all of sudden the mighty Pir Panjal range has become so small and leave aside those miniature pine trees 😉 It was also my first attempt in aerial photography. I am certainly looking forward to do bungee jumping very soon, most probably in Hrishikesh this year- will keep you posted and you let me know about your skydiving plans as and when you make up your mind. I am also exploring possibilites in Base Jumping and Para-sailing at some point of time in future.

    5. Doing month long mountaineering course in the lap of Himalayas was the most exhausting but equally rewarding experience ever. Early morning army style physical training sessions, rock climbing, river crossing, ice and snow craft, survival training that too on frozen glaciers in extreme winter but it was nothing compared to awesome time spent among the mountains star-gazing in full moon night while appreciating beauty of snow clad peaks of Dhauladhar range on one side and Pir Panjal range on another 😀

    6. I want spend at least one week in tented camp site next to Chitrakut waterfalls, trans-siberian railway- yes, own house in the high mountains of Spiti with the luxury of essentials- learn organic farming and cooking, volunteer to teach kids and provide educational resources in far flung areas at least for two weeks a year and raft down the mighty brahmputra, complete frozen Chader River expedition, motorbiking trip across North East India, learn tie-kwon-do in Nagaland, Kalari Payathu in Kerala, horse riding in Ladakh, Skiiing in Pahalgam, wildlife photography in Masaimara, volunteer at Galapagos/Elephant Care Centre and last but not the least to organise small group cruise expedition to Antarctica at some point of time.,

    7. In addition to 10 major regional languages already learned, I intend to learn Conversational Mandrin, Spanish, French and Gulf Arabic (easy as I already know Urdu) and also create awareness among readers through my travel writing and photography about places worth visiting in India. Ultimate aim is surely to publish India Adventure Guide 😉 Started compiling and sorting out all travel images four months back but trust me it is indeed challenge to organise over two lakh images so exhibition will take some time 😦 Also trying to get back to my creative persuits writing, drawing, painting, nail carricature and outdoor sports.

    8. You would be happy to know in last two years I have volunteered for company which has created smart phone appps- about over 9500 Archeology destinations in India- I have captured most of them on my lense- let me if you need any help about any world heritage site images and contacts- natural or archeological.

    I know this is a bit lenthy compared to your precise to the point writing. But look who is bothered after all this is the first comment on your first official blog so it has to live up to certain expectations. Let me promise you this- if you keep writing regularly, I will be certainly the one cheer you up and give feedback whnever needed.. So keep sharing, keep writing 😀

    Yours sincerely,

    Just another dreaming lost soul

  2. Dear Fellow Cancerian,

    You gave substance to almost all the “points” on my Bucket List!!! I am truly impressed.. I pray that the lost dreaming soul in you continues to do all the things you do!

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